What's New

The adaptivehomepage The project is about a firefox extension that adapts the homepage of the browser to the user. Everyone who browses has habits they dont know. Each day as soon as people come to the office they check their mail. In the noon , say, they checkout slashdot and at night they update their blog. The heuristic applied should make appropriate decisions and find out the most appropriate page to load given the time of day.
Purpose it will serve:
It will make the browser more intelligent. The browser will be able to predict what site the user intends to browse at the given time.
Problem it will solve:
Presently the homepage is a static item in the browser. It doesnt change with the user let alone with his habits. It basically should answer to the question
"What site should I browse now?"
Presently it doesnt do much yet other than keep track of what sites you visit at what time and appropriately set your homepage to that.
Its still in beta version and a lot of testing has to be gone through. Well, try it out and tell me what you feel about it.

The adaptivehomepage project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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